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Da Brim Helmet Visor

dabrim2Da Brim is Da Bomb –

Riding helmets are great tools for preventing traumatic injury but for relief from harsh glare or nasty sunburns on the back of your neck they’re not very good. Horse and mule riders have a better option with the Da Brim Helmet Visor.



dabrim4Da Brim’s Claim: “Taming the Blazing Sun”

Sometimes a bit of shade is a wonderful thing. Long trail rides are one of those times. The Da Brim can provide that shade. We think that is an excellent thing.


How Does the Magic Happen?


The Da Brim helmet visor is simply a wide, water resistant, detachable brim for your helmet. It’s sturdily constructed of quilted nylon with a stout yet flexible closed-cell foam core to keep the visor from flopping during spirited riding.

The visor not only will keep the worst of the sun off your face and neck, the Da Brim also offers protection from rain, and its ample size is excellent for brushing spider webs away during a ride.

Advantages Over Other Helmet Visors:

  • 360-degree protection from sun and rain. Other visors may keep the sun out of your eyes; Da Brim does that and more.
  • Easy Installation – Some other visors require gluing, not these. Da Brim visors mount, and remove, easily from all of the helmets we tested. Despite the ease of attaching they remained secure during all but the worst off trail riding through heavy brush.

Using the Da Brim:

Putting the Da Brim on your helmet is simple to the extreme and consists of just a few easy steps.dabrim3

  • Loosen the adjustment strap
  • Tuck your helmets visor into the Da Brim visor pocket
  • Slid the back of the DA Brim down and seat firmly
  • Tighten the adjustment strap
  • Ride

The Verdict:

The Da Brim does what is says. Is keeps sun and rain out of your face and off your neck. It does that VERY well.

You can learn more about DA Brim products HERE