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Buckle-less Hobbles by Outfitters Pack Station Gear Review

Buckle-less Hobbles by Outfitters Pack Station

Buckle-less Hobbles by Outfitters Pack Station

These custom made hobbles boast a unique and very effective buckle-less closure system that eliminates any awkward fumbling with buckles, a welcome feature on cold and wet mornings. The benefits of this no buckle system go far beyond the convenience factor and extend into the user’s safety as well. Being able to quickly fasten and unfasten the hobble cuffs will get you out of the danger zone that exists when you’re under the horse by his hoofs and very vulnerable to an accidental strike or kick.

Outfitters Pack Station crafts these heavy duty hobbles from high quality oil tanned harness leather that has been hot dipped in paraffin wax to resist the effects of water and the environment. The hardware is nickel plated steel that is both lightweight and very durable.

The durability of these hobbles is compounded by their unique construction. The inner body of the hobble is a strip of heavy duty polypropylene webbing that is sandwiched between two layers of heavy duty harness leather. The poly pro webbing prevents any stretching of the layer from occurring and adds a significant measure of strength as well. The cuffs are lined with soft chap leather that is very easy on the animal’s legs and is also easy to clean.

Made without chains these hobbles are extremely light weight, a fact that appeals to anyone packing for extended periods or camping off of their riding where every once counts. Not only are these hobbles lightweight the sandwiched construction allows them to be very narrow (only one inch wide) which reduces pack volume and even allows them to be easily hung from a saddle ring for quick accessibility during a break.

The TrailMeister says: Feel good about bringing these on the trail!