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Lumberjack Pocket Chain Saw Review – with VIDEO

Lumberjack Pocket Chain Saw

Encountering downed trees and branches across the path is a fact of life for trail riders.

Dealing with these nuisances can be as easy as stepping across if they’re small enough. For the rest if you don’t carry a saw of some sort your ride may end early, or very late if you have to retrace your route.

The Lumberjack Pocket Chain Saw is an innovative solution to this problem with a lightweight, easily packable, saw that actually cuts, and cuts well at that!

No mere toy; this is a rugged, heavy duty, and very economical, piece of equipment that’s made in the U.S. and remarkably comfortable and easy to use.

Unlike traditional pack saws or motorized devices horse and mule riders can easily stow the Lumberjack in a pommel bag when it’s not needed. Weighing under 5 ounces you’ll hardly know it’s there.

Our saw came from the good folks at Only Great Gear

The Specs:

  • Overall length – 21 inches
  • Weight – 4.7 ounces
  • Tempered Steel construction

The TrailMeister verdict: For horse and mule riders everywhere who don’t wish to carry a larger device, the Lumberjack Pocket Chain Saw will clear the trail in a quick fashion. This is a very nice tool that will make your rides less dependant on trail conditions as you can help clear the way yourself.