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Blue Mule Foam All Review – with VIDEO

At the end of a long trail ride, or even before, washing the sweat, dirt, and grime off of your horse or mule is a nice way to wrap up the day.

For this task the Blue Mule Foam All is a very handy tool. It’s rugged enough to withstand the rigors of ranch life and the benefits don’t stop there. With this sprayer you can apply any solution that you want. For example; we use baby shampoo after a ride and then switch over to a weak betadine solution to help prevent scratches in the rainy months.

The included metering Tips make switching between materials of different viscosities easy and painfree.

Switching between foaming and rinsing is easy with the sturdy metal quick connect between the bottle assembly and trigger gun.

One last note on how rugged the Foam All is. We wish that all horse and mule equipment were this well constructed. It may well outlast you.

The TrailMeister Verdict: For horse and mule riders everywhere who wash their mounts, their trucks, their trailers, or anything else this is a great device. We use and like this device.