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Highline Safety Tie Review – with VIDEO

Highline Safety Tie

Highline Safety Tie by K&S

When you camp with horses and mules highlines are the most common method of safely securing them for the evening.

How you attach your mounts lead line to the highline will in large part determine if you’re going to ride or walk the following morning.

K&S Saddlery has come up with a unique and innovative solution to this problem with their Highline Safety Tie.

This rugged, heavy duty, and very economical, piece of equipment is made of solid brass hardware consisting of a large ring and a heavy duty  panic snap connected with a triple layer of heavy nylon webbing.

Horse campers can attach the Safety Tie to the highline using the large ring or the panic snap. Regardless of how the Safety Tie is connected to the highline you can quickly, safely, and easily disconnect the tie using the panic snap in case of an emergency.

The TrailMeister verdict: For horse and mule riders that trailhead camp, or use pack animals, the K&S Saddlery Highline Safety Tie is a very nice tool that will make your highline setup safer and easier to use.

The Specs:
Overall length – 10 inches
Ring Diameter – 3 1/2 inches
Weight – 6.7 ounces