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EcoZoom Versa Stove Review – with VIDEO

There’s a type of stove that should be a part of the vocabulary of any horse and mule rider that camps, it called a rocket stove and for some it may be a just the ticket for keeping the grub going and the coffee flowing. A rocket stove burns HOT and require very little fuel (wood, charcoal, biomass) to keep them going. For trail head camping, homesteading, or in a power outage one of these highly efficent compact rocket stoves can be a great addition to anyone.

The good folks over at Ecozoom and Prepper-Resources asked us if we’d give the Ecozoom Versa a try and see what kind of usefulness it might have for horse and mule riders and campers like you. We’re glad they asked. This is a nice piece of equipment that may well outlast many of us, it’s that well constructed
The Particulars:

  • Dimensions – About 13 inches high
  • Weight – 26 pounds
  • Ceramic lined fire chamber
  • Cast Iron stove top

The TrailMeister Verdict: For horse and mule riders that trail head camp and anyone that may want more peace of mind in case of a power outage this is a great device. We like it.

The Video Review:

[su_youtube url=”–RBBX-RY”]