How to Tie an Alpine Butterfly Knot

How to Tie an Alpine Butterfly Knot

Simply put, the alpine butterfly knot is a knot used to form a fixed loop in the middle of a rope. It is tied in the bight, which means that it can be made in a rope without access to either of the ends; this is a large advantage when working with the long ropes commonly used when camping with horses and mules. An excellent mid-line rigging knot that is symmetrical and handles multi-directional loads well, the butterfly loop is an excellent knot to use when setting up a highline as it is very secure, ties easily, and unties quickly when breaking camp.

Tying an Alpine Butterfly is comprised of just a few quick steps:

  • Make two twists in the same direction to form the two loops in the rope.
  • Wrap the outer loop around the standing portion of the rope.
  • Pull the outer loop through the hole of the inner loop.

By learning and then using the Alpine Butterfly when setting up camp you will save space and weight in your saddle bags as well as time when breaking camp.

Pictured below is an example of an Alpine Butterfly with a carabineer attached as you would do when attaching a leadline for holding your mount overnight.

Alpine Butterfly with carabineer

Alpine Butterfly with carabineer