Horse Riding in the Pasayten Wilderness

Enjoy this segment from the January 2017 episode of Coffee with TrailMeister as we ride horses into the Pasayten Wilderness.

  • Valerie Lantz

    I’ve heard about the Pasayten Wilderness for a long time but haven’t made my way that far north yet. This video makes me want to go there! I like the looks of the eastern section with grass and water. Since this year has so much snow in the Cascades and Sierras, it may be best to wait for a season with less snow. It’s good to know that a “Stella” will be useful to have along.

  • Wow, 830 sq miles of wilderness! Here in the central USA, we have three pipsqueak wildernesses on the Buffalo National River in Arkansas. The three total 61 sq miles and one of them, a mile from my house, the Ponca Wilderness, is a whoppin’ 17.65 sq mi. Despite its small size, we have bear, elk, deer, hogs, cougar, wild turkey, eagles – all (except cougar) of which I’ve encountered while riding – who live in the park and surrounding national forests and uninhabited private land. And we have a BCHA chapter that helps maintain the trails all along the Buffalo.