How to Set up a Highline when camping with horses and mules

  • Thank you for this informative video. Hubby and I are starting to go to more trails and camp this year so needed this refresher. 

  • 1KR

    how do they get their head down to eat, drink, or clear their nose/airway?

    • Km

      Unless you tie pretty short, they have the ability to get their head down. Check every little while to make sure they can. Sometimes have to shorten as the ropes stretch with use.

    • The_TrailMeister

      The lead line is long enough to let the horses and mules drop their heads and even to lay down.

    • A good rule of thumb getting the proper length of lead rope so the horse can get its head down to eat or drink is to tie to the highline so that the snap (or halter end of the lead rope) is 4″-6″ above the ground. Then snap the line to your horse’s halter. Next, observe your horse while it eats. Depending on how much give there is in the highline, you may need to adjust the lead rope shorter.

  • Jo

    Hello, thank you so much for the video. I am building my own highline kit (the ones that are sold online are over $100!) besides I prefer the straps you use, they seem more user friendly. My question is, so according to this video, you do not suggest using the knot eliminator or in line swivel? I am ordering from Horse and Mule Gear and want to know before placing my order. If they make life easier I’d like to get them. Also, where is a good place to find my rope and do i need 100 ft. 3/8″ rope?

    • The_TrailMeister

      Jo, Glad you liked the video, we had a great time making it! Just because I’m not a big fan of gadgets doesn’t mean that they’re not helpful bits of equipment. I prefer the prussik over the hardware because I can more easily shift my tie points and I can make one with a boot lace. I would ask Chris at Horse and Mule Gear if she carries rope ( I bet she does) length depends on how far apart your trees are 🙂 I use 100 ft because I’d rather have more and not need it than too little and not have it. Hope this helps!

  • Jo

    Also, can you attach your hay bag also with a prussik knot and carabiner?

    • The_TrailMeister

      Yes, you can!

  • The_TrailMeister

    Jo, Hmm not being familiar with what rescue rope is I’m hesitant to say. I like 3/8 diameter but would wonder how stretchy it is. I don’t like stretchy 🙂 Hope this helps!

  • De mar

    I liked the video and I have been high-tying for quite a while now. I use a compact ratchet to tighten. It uses 1/2″ rope which I bought at Walmart for under $10 for 100′. I use the swivel knot eliminators and tree savers made out of old seat belts (junk yard buy). I also put a spring in mine to keep the rope tight. I have trampoline springs that are good for one horse. They stretched with 3 horses so I have upgraded to heavier springs (like high tensile wire springs) for the next time. I also use a step stool to tie it up in the tree (because I am short). I have less than $60 in mine.

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