How to Tie a Bowline Knot

How to Tie a Bowline Knot -“Trust in God, but tie up your horse”

The the bowline also known as the “King of Knots” and it comes with a handy mnemonic to help you remember how to tie this essential knot for riders; the rabbit runs out the hole, goes around the tree, then back down the hole.

When tied properly the Bowline is the foundation for highlines, tying to hitching posts, and any other situation where you want a loop that won’t slip under pressure and is easy to untie.

The steps to a bowline are:

  1. Your lead line (the “Tree”) – Wrap the lead line around the object you are going to tie the horse to. If tying to a tree, several wraps will help prevent harm to the bark.
  2. Form a loop (the “Hole”) in the line on the side where the horse is.
  3. The rabbit runs out the hole – Pass the far end (where the horse isn’t) of the line through the loop you just made.
  4. Continue running the working end around the standing portion of the line (The rabbit runs around the tree).
  5. Now make a bight in the working end and pass that through the first loop (The rabbit goes back down the hole).
  6. Make sure that the end of the rope does not pass though, this is the “slippery” part of the knot that allows it to untie quickly.
  7. Tighten and you have a knot that won’t slip or jam, and unties with ease when you’re ready.

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