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July Mid-month Newsletter – 39 New Horse Trails – 3 GPS Tracks – and more

Greetings and Salutations!

We’ve had a lot of people asking for more frequent updates on newly added Horse Trails and Horse Camping areas, new GPS tracks, and more!

Here it is!

Please let us know if this helps you find new places to ride your horses and mules!

Thanks again for using and happy trails!

39 Newly Added Horse Trail Areas
Readers like YOU have given a voice to the following Horse Trails over the past month! Thank You for sharing your favorite areas, you’re helping to keep these areas open to horse and mule lovers across the country!

babler.jpgCurrier Springs Horse Camp – OR
Coulee Experimental State Forest – WI
Pacheco State Park – Dinosaur Point – CA
Allardale County Park – OH
Beartown Lakes Reservation – OH
Big Creek Park – OH
Blue Rock State Forest – OH
Brush Creek State Forest – OH
Burr Oak State Park – OH
Chapin Forest Reservation – OH
Varney Creek Trailhead – OR
Cold Springs Trailhead – OR
Grant Creek Horse Camp  – MN
Bob Dunn Horse Campground – MN
Big Elk Lick Horse Camp – PA
Trails Etc – AL
English Point – ID
Apple Creek Conservation Area – MO
Dr Edmund Babler Memorial Park – MO
Neosho Bicentennial Conservation Area – MO
Big Buffalo Creek Conservation Area – MO
Blue Ridge Horse Trail – MO
Bluff View Park – MO
Leatherwood Mtn – NC
Dean State Forest – OH
Englewood MetroPark – OH
Girdled Road Reservation – OH
Glacier Ridge Park – OH
Hopewell Lake Campground – NM
Snake Lake Campground – CA
Black Rock Canyon Horse Camp – CA
Hopkins Creek Equestrian Camp – MI
Crow-Hassan Park Riverbend Camp – MN
City of Big Falls Horse Camp – MN
Fort Ridgely State Park – MN
Bunch Hollow Conservation Area – MO
Bushwhacker Lake Conservation Area – MO
Hammertown Lake – OH
Headwaters Park – OH 

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The Top Twelve Horse Camps and Trails viewed during the past month.
Rustlers Gulch – WA
Pinecrest Campground – MO
Mckenzie Conservation Area – WA
Blue Creek Bay – ID
Missile Site Park – WA
Flying Horseshoe Ranch – WA
Les Hilde – WA
Taylor Mountain – WA
BBQ Flats – WA
English Point – ID
Chamna Preserve – WA
Long Swamp – WA



Three Newest GPS Tracks Added
wolf.pngWolf Ford – NC
Taylor Mountain – WA 

Danville Georgetown – WA 

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Please let us know if this helps you find new place to ride your horses and mules!Thanks again for using and happy trails!