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Lined Chain Hobbles

hobblesct2Just like the superb heavy duty tree saver straps that Chris also makes, these hobbles exude a sense of ruggedness and readiness for whatever you or your horse can throw them. Indeed, these are easily the nicest hobbles we’ve had the opportunity to test and use thus far.

These hobbles are finely crafted with a heavy harness leather outer covering and buckle assembly with a rolled inner lining of oiled smooth leather that won’t rub your mount’s legs when in use. The chain attaching the cuffs together is made of removable stainless steel links.

The removable links will allow you to shorten the distance between the cuffs, add a third cuff, or separate the hobble entirely for two sets of stake hobbles, or pickets. Versatility is assured and built in with this setup.

Grazing hobbles are designed to give the horse, or mule, a bit more freedom of movement with about seven inches of chain links between the cuffs. This extra distance will allow your mount to more easily shuffle his feet as he grazes.

hobblesct1The heavy duty construction has already been mentioned and it should be noted that while weight can be good in some instances it could become an issue. For packing off of your riding stock the hefty 2 pounds, 2 ounces weight and associated bulk will rapidly eat into your weight limit. However, for use with pack stock the added security is a worthwhile blessing. We keep a pair of these hobbles close.

The TrailMeister says: Feel good about these!

You can get these Tree Savers Here