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Tree Saver Straps

treesaverct2You may mistakenly think, as we first did, that tree saver straps are all the same. After all it’s a length of webbing that distributes pressure to protect a tree’s bark, right? Well, by that line of reasoning a Chevy is the same as a Land Rover. After all both have four wheels and an engine.

The Tree Saver Straps that Chris Tornow manufactures are Land Rovers.

Just picking up one of these straps tells you that it is built for work and will probably outlast you. Indeed, Chris builds these straps using US Forest Service specifications. Each strap weighs a hefty 14 oz. (nearly 2 pounds for the set) and the hardware is made to handle the extreme rigors of skydiving while also allowing easy adjustments.

  • treesaverct4The specs:
  • 10 feet of heavy duty 1 ¾ wide, polyester strapping with a loop sewn in one end.
  • Heavy duty parachute V-Ring that allows for adjusting tension without untying the highline (a very important consideration at night).
  • Weight of set: 28oz, 788grams.
  • You can get your Tree Savers Here

For those not in the know: Tree saver straps are integral equipment for camping with stock. They prevent damage to trees and their use is mandated by land agencies in many areas as well as by good Leave No Trace practices. 

Bottom line: The TrailMeister approves these Tree Savers. You can see these straps in use in our How to Set Up a Highline video.

treesaverct2 treesaverct3