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SatPaq Review

SatPaq Review

A clip on antenna that turns your smartphone into a satellite communicator

  • PRO: Inexpensive to purchase and to use. Takes advantage to the phone that’s already in your pocket.
  • CON: Needs your cell phone
  • PRICE: $250
  • COST OF OWNERSHIP: .29 to .40 per message

NIFTY FACT: The SatPaq communicates through Geostationary (GEO) satellites when there is no cell or WiFi coverage. GEO satellites don’t move relative to your position on earth so they’re always in view and your communications can happen right away.

Horse and mule riders like to get off the beaten path – We long for  the backwoods, and back country refuges of isolation where (hopefully) you won’t see people for days. The problem is when you’re this far in the backcountry, you’re also well out of cell coverage which can make a bad situation much worse if there’s ever a serious injury or illness. You won’t have to worry about that potential worst-case scenario if you’re carrying a SatPaq.

satpaqThe SatPaq from Higher Ground is a lightweight device that easily clips to your smartphone and connects wirelessly using Bluetooth to communicate through satellites when there is no cell coverage. SatPaq’s SpaceLinq free app allows you to send and receive messages, get instant weather forecasts, share your location, and get help in emergencies – all without having to pay monthly service fees.

SatPaq also features an Artificial Intelligence medical service to answer first aid questions and an SOS service for emergencies. It’s iPhone and Android compatible and can hold a charge for 4-5 months in storage. SatPaq is also only 4 ounces — that’s less than my iPhone!

satpaqSatPaq eliminates the monthly fees associated with other satellite messengers through the purchase of message credits called MessagePaqs that allow you to use the service whenever you need. These message credits holdover until you use them.

If you spend time exploring away from cell phone coverage, the SatPaq is a very attractive piece of gear!

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