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Savvy Horse Highline

horsesavvySavvy Horse Highline Kit

by Camp With Horses

I’ve got to admit I was skeptical when I first saw the Savvy Horse Highline kit. No knots? Yea right.

Well it works.

Merriam-Webster gives the definition of Ingenious as “marked by originality, resourcefulness, and cleverness in conception or execution.

The Savvy Horse Highline is ingenious in every sense of that definition.

horsesavvy4The heart of the kit is the “Rope Cleat Closure Bar” and for the knot averse it is both fantastic and ingenious. Think of the scores of maritime vessels that are secured every day using this simple rope cleat design and you’ll soon realize just how practical it is.  If a rope cleat can keep a moving. bobbing, and weaving boat at bay for weeks on end it can certainly hold your horse overnight!

horsesavvy5A huge benefit to this method of tying is that the cleat hitch ties and unties very quickly and neatly.

horsesavvy1Of course this is a kit so we must look at the rest of the goodies that come in the bag.

The remainder of the Savvy Horse Highline Kit consists of tree saver straps to protect the trees that you’re tying to. The straps are thoughtfully designed with one ring slightly smaller than the other so that it can easily slip through.

horsesavvy2The Horse Positioners include a a tie ring and operate on the prussic loop friction hitch principle. This makes it very easy for you to move horses or hay bags without having to tear down the entire highline. Very handy!

Of course all the benefits of the Rope Cleat and the Horse Positioners would be for not without a sturdy rope to complete the highline. The Savvy Horse Kit doesn’t disappoint. A heavy 5/8 inch rope finished with a thimble end will hold up to whatever abuse you can through at it.

horsesavvy6The entire kit kit comes in a handy bag so it stays together until you need it.

For trailhead camping the Savvy Horse Kit will make setting up camp quick easy and must importantly secure.

You can get your Savvy Horse Highline Kit at