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Tapaderos by Kate's Custom Bridleworks

Toes cold and wet? Trail riders that brave the wild winter weather often wish for toasty toes.

A good set of tapaderos (also known as Devonshire Boots to those who ride English) are simply stirrups with a hood covering the front of the stirrup. Hooded stirrups serve several purposes that make them well suited for riding in foul weather: They provide protection from rain and wet brush and are a personal favorite for cold-weather riding. They also deflect brush to help keep the rider’s foot from being pulled from the stirrup; and they prevent the rider’s foot from going through the stirrup, helping to avoid potentially serious accidents.

The leather work on these taps is very nice with coloring and stamping matching the saddle.

The heavy weight leather and rugged fasteners add 2.5 lbs to each stirrup but the added protection is well worth the weight.


Tapaderos by Kate's Custom Bridleworks

Tapaderos by Kate’s Custom Bridleworks

The verdict : TrailMeister uses Kate’s for all of our custom leather needs. You won’t go wrong with Kate