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Top 5 Most Read Magazine Columns of 2019

Top 5 Most read magazine columns of 2019

#1 – 10 items to check before you tow – – Is your tow vehicle up to the challenge of pulling a trailer filled with your trail partners? Here’s 10 things to know before you tow.

#2 – Horse trailer insulation –  – Insulating a horse trailer is one of the first steps in any DIY build, and it’s also one of the most misunderstood. Here’s what we did and the science behind it.

#3 – Trailhead horse containment – – Sweet dreams of trails traveled turn to nightmares in a heartbeat when the horses and mules vanish into the night. At best it’s lost sleep and the hassle of rounding them up. At worst your trail partners may never be found. Here’s a system that works for us.

#4 – Rope halter – – Tied wrong a rope halter will fail, your animal will get loose, and bad things will happen. Here’s the one right way to tie a rope halter.

#5 – 7 deadly sins of trail riding – – The Seven Deadly Sins. Anyone that spends time with equines knows that these ideas make sense whether we’re in church or on the trail. Here are my seven sins of trail riding.