Five Tools That I Use Constantly

Five Tools That I Use Constantly

We all have items that we regularly turn to. Our “favorite stuff” if you will.  As I’m reflecting on what bits and bobs I found myself turning to over the course of the past year these five items kept bubbling up to the top of my mind.

Aah Light –  Gravity’s a b@tch but the Aah Light is my friend.  For the past few months, I’ve been using the Aah Light for 5 to 10 minutes a day. Why do this you ask? Prior to re-discovering gravity this summer, I had never heard of nor even considered photobiomodulation. That’s quite the word! Another name for the same thing is red light therapy which is a well-established and researched form of treatment that impacts the cells at the cellular level and increases mitochondrial function and ATP production. It essentially “feeds” your cells to increase energy.

Now that I’ve been using the Aah Light for a while I’ve become a convert to both the device and what it does. Learn More Here –

Orange Slow Feeder – We all know our horses should eat small amounts of forage frequently. For most equines that equates to 15 to 30 pounds of hay divided into small meals throughout the day, which also means you could spend the entire day feeding horses at regular intervals. That’s not practical.

What is practical is the Orange Slow Feeder.  It’s THE hay net for me. These sturdy long lasting net bags are easy to load, last seemingly forever, don’t absorb “stuff”, and stand up to everything that my herd has thrown at it.

Learn More Here –

Skito Saddle Pads – I need to keep my animals’ backs comfortable during long days on the trail. I trust Skito Saddle Pads for that task and they’ve never failed me. These custom made orthopedic pads are created to fit your horse, your saddle, and you. Skito laminates special foam with felt and mesh panels to create a durable, yet flexible, pad that correctly distributes pressure across your animal’s back.

If your idea of fun with equine includes a lot of time in the saddle, Skito can help make that time more comfortable for your horse, or mule, and you.

Learn More Here –

Garmin InReach – “Peace of Mind” are the three words that come to mind when I think about the InReach. My wife concurs.

The Garmin InReach is TWO-WAY communication satellite device. It possesses the unique ability to both send and receive SMS and email messages as well as trigger an SOS in the event of an emergency. To say that in a different manner: The InReach doesn’t rely on cellular coverage to send and receive messages but uses the satellites overhead to communicate.

For my wife and I, the best things about the InReach include being able to send messages saying when I’ll be home, receiving a message asking how the trip is going, or just asking for my truck keys in case I lose them again.

Learn More Here –

Troxel Helmets – I’ve worn a riding helmet for decades. Until this year, it was done grudgingly and to keep a promise made in haste to my wife. No longer. On Aug 27, 2017 I learned first-hand why wearing a riding helmet is a good thing. It was a fabulous ride until it wasn’t. One moment I was enjoying the fresh air, the next I was sitting on the ground with a very damaged helmet but no damage to my head. My shoulder didn’t fare quite so well. My helmet didn’t make me invincible but it did protect a part of me that couldn’t be repaired with plates and bolts, my brain.

Learn More Here –

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    I liked this article and was interested in the Aah light but i can find no evidence or research supporting it…do you have any ?