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Horse Trails and Horse Camps in Washington | TrailMeister

Trail Name Trail Miles Nearby City Rating Activities Amenities  
Anderson Lake State Park 5 Mi. Port Townsend, WA --  
Antoine Peak Conservation Area 10 Mi. Spokane, WA 50%  
Asotin Wildlife Area 20 Mi. Asotin, WA --  
Baker Lake Trail (610) 14 Mi. Concrete, WA --  
Banner Forest 18 Mi. Port Orchard, WA --  
Battle Ground Lake State Park in Washington 5 Mi. Vancouver, WA --  
BBQ Flats 50 Mi. Ellensburg, WA --  
Bear Creek Horse Camp 20 Mi. Colville, WA --  
Beaver Creek Camp 25 Mi. Twisp, WA --  
Bennington Lake Trail Mi. WallaWalla, WA --  
Big Flat Habitat Management Unit 8 Mi. Pasco, WA --  
Black Pine Horse Camp 25 Mi. Leavenworth, WA --  
Blanchard Mountain 10 Mi. Bellingham, WA --  
Bridle Trails State Park 23 Mi. Kirkland, WA --  
Brooks Memorial State Park 9 Mi. Goldendale, WA --  
Bruce Tropple Horse Camp 40 Mi. Cle Elum, WA 100%  
Buck Creek 22 Mi. Enumclaw, WA 100%  
Burbank Peninsula 10 Mi. Pasco, WA --  
Burke Lake - Quincy Wildlife Area 40 Mi. George, WA 100%  
Cayuse Horse Camp 40 Mi. Cle Elum, WA 100%  
Chamna Natural Preserve 11 Mi. Richland, WA --  
Chiwawa Horse Camp 100 Mi. Leavenworth, WA --  
Clover Springs 30 Mi. Naches, WA --  
Cody Horse Camp 30 Mi. Randle, WA --  
Cold Springs Campground 50 Mi. Tonasket, WA --  
Columbia Plateau Trail State Park 34 Mi. Cheney, WA --  
Conrad Meadows 40 Mi. Yakima, WA 100%  
Cougar Mountain Regional Park 12 Mi. Issaquah, WA --  
Cranberry Lake - Anacortes Community Forest Lands 10 Mi. Anacortes, WA --  
Danville Georgetown 28 Mi. Maple Valley, WA --  
De Roux Trailhead 30 Mi. Cle Elum, WA --  
Dosewallips River Campground 20 Mi. Brinnon, WA --  
Eden Valley Guest Ranch 20 Mi. Oroville, WA --  
Elbe Hills - Sahara Creek Campground 70 Mi. Elbe, WA --  
Fall Creek Campground - Capitol State Forest 100 Mi. Olympia, WA --  
Falls Creek Horse Camp 50 Mi. Carson, WA --  
Fishtrap BLM Recreation Area 25 Mi. Spokane, WA --  
Fourteen Mile Trailhead 50 Mi. Loomis, WA --  
Gibraltar Mt Trail 12 Mi. Republic , WA --  
Godman Horse Camp 25 Mi. Dayton, WA --  
Government Meadows Horse Camp 25 Mi. Enumclaw, WA --  
Grand Forest 10 Mi. kingston, WA --  
Grayback Mountain - Klickitat Wildlife Area 25 Mi. Goldendale, WA --  
Green Mountain State Forest 30 Mi. Bremerton, WA --  
Green River Horse Camp 50 Mi. Randle, WA --  
Greenwater Trailhead 30 Mi. Greenwater, WA --  
Gypsy Meadows 20 Mi. Ione, WA --  
Haney Meadow - Ken Wilcox Horse Camp 45 Mi. Ellensburg, WA 100%  
heart lake 10 Mi. Anacortes, WA --  
Horn Rapids County Park 5 Mi. Richland, WA --  
James T. Slavin Conservation Area 3 Mi. Spokane, WA --  
JBLM/Fort Lewis Training Areas 50 Mi. Dupont, WA --  
Joe Watt Canyon 30 Mi. Ellensburg, WA 100%  
Jungle Hill Horse Camp 25 Mi. Colville, WA --  
Juniper Dunes 25 Mi. Pasco, WA --  
Kalama Horse Camp 50 Mi. Cougar, WA --  
Keenes Horse Camp 45 Mi. Randle, WA --  
Kennedy Creek Mi. Olympia, WA --  
Kettle Crest Horse Camp 25 Mi. Colville, WA --  
Lake Lodge Bed & Barn 20 Mi. Long Beach, WA --  
Lake Sawyer Recreational Park 12 Mi. Black Diamond, WA --  
Lambert Creek Horse Campground 20 Mi. Republic, WA --  
Larry Scott Trail 6 Mi. Port Townsend, WA --  
LeBar Horse Camp 25 Mi. Shelton, WA --  
Les Hilde - Harry Osborne State Forest 100 Mi. Hamilton, WA --  
Liberty Lake Regional Park 16 Mi. Spokane, WA --  
Long Swamp Campground 50 Mi. Tonasket, WA --  
Lord Hill Regional Park 12 Mi. Monroe, WA --  
Madam Dorian Memorial Park 7-8 miles Mi. Wallula , WA --  
Margaret McKenny Campground - Capitol State Forest 100 Mi. Olympia, WA --  
McClellan Conservation Area 3 Mi. Spokane, WA --  
McKenzie Conservation Area 5 Mi. Spokane, WA 100%  
Mica Peak Conservation Area 15 Mi. Spokane, WA --  
Middle Fork Snoqualmie Trailhead 25 Mi. North Bend, WA --  
Miller Bay / Diamond Point Trail System 20 Mi. sequim, WA --  
Mima Falls Campground - Capitol State Forest 100 Mi. Olympia, WA --  
Missile Site Park 5 Mi. Deer Park, WA --  
Mount Adams Horse Camp 30 Mi. Trout Lake, WA --  
Mount Muller - Littleton Horse Camp 15 Mi. Port Angeles, WA --  
Mount Spokane State Park 100 Mi. Spokane, WA --  
Nan-Sea Stables 10 Mi. Ocean Shores, WA --  
Newberry Hill Heritage Park 10 Mi. bremerton, WA --  
Nile Creek - Old Sawmill 70 Mi. Naches, WA --  
Nisqually Mashel State Park 13 Mi. Eatonville, WA --  
O'Grady Natural Area 6 Mi. Black Diamond, WA --  
Ocean City State Park 10 Mi. Ocean City, WA --  
Pacific Lake Odessa Campground 20 Mi. Odessa, WA --  
Pack Experimental Forest 30 Mi. Eatonville, WA --  
Palisades City Park 7 Mi. Spokane, WA --  
Panjab Trailhead 40 Mi. Pomeroy, WA 100%  
Pend Oreille County Park 7 Mi. Newport, WA --  
Pete Lake Trailhead 10 Mi. Cle Elum, WA --  
Peterman Hill Trail 10 Mi. Morton, WA --  
Phelps Creek Horse Camp 20 Mi. Leavenworth, WA --  
Port Gamble Watershed 25 Mi. Port Gamble, WA --  
Putney Woods 10 Mi. Langley, WA --  
Rainbow Falls State Park 7 Mi. Chehalis, WA --  
Rattlesnake mountain 7 Mi. North bend, WA --  
Rattlesnake Slope Wildlife Area 6-8 Mi. Benton City, WA --  
Redmond Watershed 8 Mi. Redmond, WA --  
Riverside State Park 100 Mi. Spokane, WA 100%  
Robinson Canyon 25 Mi. Ellensburg, WA --  
Rock Creek Campground, Yacolt Burn State Forest 35 Mi. Vancouver, WA --  
Rock Creek/Escure Ranch 30 Mi. Cheney, WA 100%  
Rustlers Gulch 35 Mi. Riverside, WA --  
Saltese Conservation Area 7 Mi. Spokane Valley, WA 100%  
Sand Flats Horse Camp 35 Mi. Enumclaw, WA --  
Scatter Creek Wildlife Area 20 Mi. Olympia, WA --  
Scooteney Park and Reservoir 7-8 miles Mi. Connell, WA --  
Screamin Eagle 10 Mi. Ocean City, WA --  
Sea Horse Acres 20 Mi. Long Beach, WA --  
Silver Lake Park 30 Mi. Lynden, WA --  
Soaring Eagle Regional Park 12 Mi. Sammanish, WA --  
Stafford Creek Trailhead 13 Mi. Cle Elum, WA --  
Steamboat Rock State Park - Northrup Canyon 10 Mi. Coulee City, WA --  
Tahuya River Horse Camp - Tahuya State Forest 70 Mi. Belfair, WA --  
Tarbell Trailhead Yacolt Burn State Forest 35 Mi. Yacolt, WA --  
Taylor Mountain 30 Mi. Hobart, WA --  
Tiger Mountain South 5 Mi. Hobart, WA --  
Tunerville Campground 10 Mi. Rosburg, WA --  
Twisp River Horse Camp 50 Mi. Twisp, WA --  
ueland tree farm 10 Mi. bremerton, WA --  
Wallula Gap Trail 10 Mi. Finley, WA --  
Walupt Horse Camp 35 Mi. Packwood, WA --  
Wapaloosie Horse Campground 25 Mi. Kettle Falls, WA --  
Waptus Lake 20 Mi. Cle Elum, WA 100%  
Washington State Horse Park 25 Mi. Cle Elum, WA --  
WE Johnson Park 5 Mi. West Richland, WA --  
Wenas Audubon Camp 50 Mi. Ellensburg, WA --  
Whipple Creek Regional Park 5 Mi. Vancouver, WA --  
Whistle Lake 50 Mi. Anacortes, WA --  
White Pass Horse Camp 50 Mi. Randle, WA --  
Winchester Wasteway - Potholes 30+ plus Mi. Royal City, WA --  

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